• Se7en

Art Details

  • Title:Se7en
  • Type:Collage on Paper

My collages invite you into a wonderful world of color and motion, merging discord with harmony, often inspired by the throbbing tempo of jazz and rock that continuously vibrates my studio. These complex compositions are hand done and boldly created in brilliant Fauve colors, linear but always casual and fluid. I really appreciate the process of finding and collecting precious, ephemeral artifacts and creating something new. I'm often asked how I can cut up old books and papers, that it is destructive, but believe it is the opposite; it is to cherish something so much that you need create with it. Like a good guitar soloist improvising on a well-known melody, I try to get my viewers to see familiar objects in a new way, by fine tuning the lines and forms. The completed works emit a raw energy that is contained only by the medium of collage.

About Me

Father, writer, poet, producer, director, actor, singer, guitarist, graphic designer, raconteur, excellent typist, determined, profound speaker, zero-gravity thinker, sage advisor, gruntled, website builder, skeptic, intermittently quixotic, historian, foodie...approaching all endeavors with a bit of Sprezzatura.