Left of Center - Collage on Paper

Left of Center Collage on Paper

Left of Center Collage on Paper

David of Florence

David of FlorencePhotography

David of FlorencePhotography

Woman with Guitar

Woman with Guitar Found Photos

Woman with GuitarFound Photos

Spaghetti Bites

Spaghetti Bites Food Porn

Spaghetti BitesFood Porn

Beulah Truck

Beulah Truck Photography

Beulah TruckPhotography


Requiesce Found Photos

RequiesceFound Photos


Gallimaufry Collage on Paper

GallimaufryCollage on Paper

Petra Columns

Petra Colonnade Photography

Petra ColonnadePhotography


Shake Food Porn

ShakeFood Porn


Matka Collage on Paper

MatkaCollage on Paper

Dubai Dromedaries

Dubai Dromedaries Photography

Dubai DromedariesPhotography


Tormentum Found Photos

TormentumFound Photos


Se7en Collage on Paper

Se7enCollage on Paper

Siena Rooftops

Siena Rooftops Photography

Siena RooftopsPhotography

Guitar Man

Guitar Man Found Photos

Guitar ManFound Photos


Moonshine Food Porn

MoonshineFood Porn


Donuts Food Porn

DonutsFood Porn

Aid Station

Aid Station Found Photos

Aid StationFound Photos


Disequilibria Collage on Paper

DisequilibriaCollage on Paper

Cancun Coconuts

Cancun Coconuts Photography

Cancun CoconutsPhotography


Caelestis Collage on Paper

CaelestisCollage on Paper

Quies Quietis

Quies Quietis Found Photos

Quies QuietisFound Photos


Nullifidian Collage on Paper

NullifidianCollage on Paper

Macau Flame

Macau Flame Photography

Macau FlamePhotography

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