• Spaghetti Bites

Art Details

  • Title:Spaghetti Bites
  • Type:Food Porn

Food porn often takes the form of food photography and styling that presents food somewhat provocatively. Enjoying my occupation as Executive Producer and General Manager of Video at Allrecipes, I get the rare opportunity to "eat what I shoot". With a great team of videographers and food stylists, we make some great food and capture it in video and print. These shots, captured on my smart phone are intended to excite the palates of the viewers and encourage them to save and cook the recipes. My goal is to create beautiful images that set taste buds to tingling, making people want to cook. This is not always an easy task. There is the food itself. It may be stunning: a roasted bird; a delicate cake. But it is not always so. I may see such distinctions, but I try to never allow them to get in the way of my pursuit of the shot that shows them beautifully. Because even a brown soup, photographed in the right light, at the correct angle, etc., with a napkin dropped just so can become beautiful. Its excellence can be revealed.

About Me

Father, writer, poet, producer, director, actor, singer, guitarist, graphic designer, raconteur, excellent typist, determined, profound speaker, zero-gravity thinker, sage advisor, gruntled, website builder, skeptic, intermittently quixotic, historian, foodie...approaching all endeavors with a bit of Sprezzatura.